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Pastoral Visitation is also available upon request

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Wedding Rehearsal & Ceremony: $395

​Wedding Ceremony Only: $295

** Cherish the Promise Wedding Package: $700 **

This package includes 6 Premarital Coaching Sessions, Rehearsal and Ceremony.

Active Military Rehearsal & Ceremony: $300

Active Military Ceremony Only: $225

Elopement (Couple's Location:) $250

Elopement (Cross Timber Chapel:) $200

* A trip fee may apply for areas outside the DFW Metroplex

* An additional fee of $50 will be assessed for weddings and rehearsals that fall on the weekend of major holidays:

*If you are getting married an an all-inclusive venue, we still need to make sure your information is correct in our system. Please click HERE for the agreement.

Other Services Offered