Pastor Dave has been amazing these past few months. He is very responsive and is truly a caring person. Thank you, Dave and Lucresia, so much for guiding us and helping giving us tools that will enable us to start our married life with confidence. It truly has been a pleasure, and we really appreciate your stories (from both you and your wife) in the effort to help us on the right path.
- Eliana and Asun

We had the pleasure of doing premarital counseling with Pastor Dave Tucker and his wife, Lucresia. We have never met such an amazing, kind hearted, and supportive couple. They truly care and are passionate about helping couples get through the tough times associated with planning a wedding, and just the struggles/challenges in life itself! They offer such an amazing program and offer such great advice. They are truly incredible people who are so insightful and wise. We have learned so much from them as a couple and will continue to keep in touch with them due to their long lasting impact they had on our life. We can't wait for Pastor Dave to marry us! We couldn't imagine a better person to do so! We love you Pastor Dave and Lucresia! We highly recommend his pre-marital program!
- Laura and David

Our experience with Cherish the Promise pre-marriage coaching was more than we could have ever asked for! Each session was very personalized to our needs, and the content we discussed came from a wide variety of research-based sources and leading experts in the field. We were so pleased with the positive and accepting nature that Dave and Lucresia brought to our home during each of our sessions. It was wonderful to have both of their perspectives, and they made us feel very comfortable by opening up about their own experiences and challenges. Dave and Lucresia both took so much time to really get to know us and provided such a wealth of information and support in preparing us for our marriage. Most importantly, they made it fun! Dave was always prompt, reliable, and very easy to get ahold of, which made things easy on our end during this very busy time. The program was very affordable and worth every penny. We are SO glad that we made the decision to participate in this program and would HIGHLY recommend it to any newly engaged couple!”
- Maggie and Joel

We had the privilege of getting to know Dave and his wife through their marriage course. Not only did we learn from them and their experiences as a married couple, but we laughed and talked with them like old friends... We really felt like he believed in our marriage... 
- Dana and Andrew

We really enjoyed the premarital coaching. It really gave my husband and I a chance to get to know Pastor Dave better, and we really enjoyed working with both him and his wife during our counseling sessions. It was great to get both a husband's and wife's perspective on marriage!
​- Amy and Brian​​

Pastor Dave and Lucresia, Thank you both for all of your guidance you both have given Justin and I. These past six weeks have been so much fun! We appreciate the time and effort you have both put into our relationship. We couldn't be more grateful and thankful God placed you in our lives. 

- Robyn and Justin

Pastor Dave and Lucresia, Thank you for welcoming us in your home and providing the coaching to prepare us for our marriage. We appreciate the time you have spent with us.

- Valerie and Clayton