Dave and Lucresia's Wedding

Twogether in Texas

Dave's Philosophy

Building healthy marriages

Dave Tucker has a strong burden on his heart for healthy marriages. He will be quick to tell couples that marriage is not hard, it doesn't just accidentally happen either. A healthy marriage takes intentionality. Strong marriages Aren't about compromise either. Rather, strong marriages occur when both partners find win/win solutions that work for everyone. Dave has been a minister for over twenty years and is currently earning an M.Div. at Brite Divinity School, TCU with a certificate in Pastoral Care. Dave has helped hundreds of couples find their "Happily Ever After." Dave also offers other pastoral services such as chaplaincy, spiritual mentoring, and guest speaking. Click here for more information.
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Dave & Lucresia

Living Happily Ever After

26 years ago, August 2nd 1992, Dave married his high school sweetheart. He and his wife will tell you that they are in the process of “living happily ever after.” Dave has been a minister most of his married life, which is not bad considering Lucresia never wanted to be a pastor’s wife! Pastor Dave feels a special calling to minister to young couples getting married. He considers it an honor and a blessing to bring two people together in the bonds of marriage so that they too can experience the joy of “living happily ever after!” Dave and his wife Lucresia, also offer pre-marital coaching through their fun programs at "Cherish the Promise" which are designed to give couples tools that will help make their marriage thrive and not simply survive.