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Dave's Philosophy

It's all about you

Dave Tucker is a legitimately licensed, credentialed and experienced minister who is specially trained to perform services ranging from weddings to funerals and everything in between. He performs both religious and non-religious ceremonies that are custom designed specifically for you. Dave believes in the "As you wish" philosophy and will collaborate with you to create a truly unique and memorable ceremony that tells your love story. As you look for a celebrant, remember this: All ministers are officiants but not all officiants are ministers. Ministers are trained to take care of people. The people at your ceremony are important to you, therefore they are important to Dave.

Dave & Lucresia

Living Happily Ever After

25 years ago, August 2nd 1992, Dave married his high school sweetheart. He and his wife will tell you that they are in the process of “living happily ever after.” Dave has been a minister for more than half his married life, which is not bad considering Lucresia never wanted to be a pastor’s wife! Pastor Dave feels a special calling to minister to young couples getting married. He considers it an honor and a blessing to bring two people together in the bonds of marriage so that they too can experience the joy of “living happily ever after!” Dave and his wife Lucresia, also offer pre-marital coaching through their fun programs at "Cherish the Promise" which are designed to give couples tools that will help make their marriage thrive and not simply survive.

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Pastor Dave's Affiliations

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